I’m Tim Reddehase. Recently i have completed my masters degree in computer science at Bremen University in Bremen (Germany). I've written my masters thesis about designing federation web application REST-APIs, with the ontohub-application being my implementation target.

In July i moved from Bremen to Hamburg , where i started working as a software engineer for an Internet company — find more information on that elsewhere ;)

When i’m not working, i’m usually working on related programming projects. Until recently i was working on the Ontohub-Developer Team. Ontohub aims to be the Open Ontology Repository. But with the master's thesis nearing it's end i decided to work full time on finishing my thesis Privately i'm usually dabbling in ruby, C, or clojure side-projects.

Alternatively i try to write articles for this blog. As i really enjoy reading technical blogs myself i thought it would be a good idea to start my own. I’ve learned many things related to programming itself and the life of a developer from posts by Steve Losh, Jeff Atwood and others. So now, when i’m learning something new that might be suitable to be described from my point of view, i try to write an article about that. So i created this page - which actually led me to my first attempt at writing a gem, fastaccess - to document the information i’m gathering, for myself and for others. By now i've created a few gems and started maintaing another tool (soywiki).


It’s usally the easiest way to contact me via email. But i’m also on github. So if there is something related to my software, you could always open an issue there.